Fund Our Future.

Help get Fair Tax Michigan on the Ballot!

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Fund Our Future.

Help get Fair Tax Michigan on the Ballot!

Fund our Schools. Fix our Roads. Protect our Water.

In Michigan, we know what it looks like when we’re getting a fair shake. We built the middle class.

But today, in rural, urban, and suburban communities across the state, working families are being left behind.

Our roads are crumbling.

Our community schools have been shuttered.

Our water isn’t safe to drink.

And in the so-called comeback years after the recession, 94 cents out of every new dollar of income went to the richest 1%.

Yet, the handful of wealthy individuals and corporate CEOs who are benefitting from our rigged system want us to believe that we’re struggling because other hardworking families who don’t look like us are taking what we deserve.

It’s time to make the system work for all of us, whether we live in small towns or big cities, whether we’re Black, White, or Brown.

It’s time for everyone – even the wealthy – to pay their fair share to support schools, roads, and clean water so we all have an equal opportunity to thrive.

It’s time to make this comeback work for everybody.

About the Ballot Initiative

Fair Tax Michigan is a ballot initiative where 95% of Michigan residents would pay a lower income tax rate than they do now, while the top 5% of earners who make $175,000 a year or more would pay more.

This would raise $1.5 billion more per year to fund schools, fix roads, and clean up our water supply. The legislature in Lansing isn’t getting it done. If you want a state that invests in our people again, join the movement for Fair Tax Michigan.

If we come together to get this on the ballot and pass it, we can build a Michigan where everyone gets a fair shake.

Join Us!

Help get Fair Tax Michigan on the Ballot!

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